Psyche by Peter Paul Rubens



Peter Paul Rubens

sketch · glistening · nude · seated · reclining · muscular · penis · marble · calves
Psyche by Peter Paul Rubens
1612   ·    ·  12.9 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 19369
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Psyche (AT) Psyche (DE) Psyche (CH) Psyche (US)
Psiche (IT) Psyché (FR) Psyche (NL) Psique (ES) душа (RU)
मानस (HI) 精神 (ZH) Psique (PT) プシュケ (JP) روح (AE)

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Psyche (AT) Psyche (DE) Psyche (CH) Psyche (US) Psiche (IT) Psyché (FR) Psyche (NL) Psique (ES) душа (RU) मानस (HI) 精神 (ZH) Psique (PT) プシュケ (JP) روح (AE)

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