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Artists in the Spotlight: William Etty
Portrait von William Etty The Englishman William Etty became famous in his homeland through provocative nude paintings, which were considered immoral and indecent in their time. Repeatedly, his pictures caused a scandal and provoked strongly negative reactions from the bourgeois public. His paintings showed scenes from classical mythology whose protagonists were naked as in "The Judgement of Paris" or "Diana standing at a waterfall". Etty was born as the son of a London baker and began training as a draughtsman at the age of eleven, some of which he received from his uncle, who was also a painter. When Etty showed his painting "Amor and Psyche" to the painter John Opie, the latter suggested him for the Royal Academy of Arts, where he was a student and later a teacher. Etty was often accused of painting too offensive pictures and thus not behaving adequately according to the customs of the Royal Academy. Etty, on the other hand, thought he was an admirer of beauty who never sought to seduce or do anything immoral. The beauty of a woman longed for her naked image. Unveiled, female innocence was only all the more visible. "To the pure in heart, all things are pure."
Cupid and Psyche Female nude seen from the back, c.1835-40 Study of a Head A letter from William Etty, 17 January 1844 1904 Cupid and Psyche A Persian Warrior The Duett, from the picture in the Vernon Gallery (engraving) Nude Model Reclining The Dangerous Playmate, from the picture in the Vernon Gallery (engraving) Study for a Figure Composition - Two Female Nudes The Repentant Prodigals Return to his Father Seated Male Nude, Head resting against Hand, left Foot resting on Block Reclining Male Nude, raised right Knee, 1815-45 Three standing Female Nudes A Persian Warrior, from the picture in the Vernon Gallery (engraving) Two standing Female Nudes The Penitent Magdalen The Brides of Venice, from the picture in the Vernon Gallery (engraving) The Disciple, from the picture in the Vernon Gallery (engraving) Youth and Pleasure, from the picture in the Vernon Gallery (engraving) Study of a Draped Nude Male nude lying down, raised left knee, 1815-45
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