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Bridal journey in Hardanger by Adolph Tidemand

Bridal journey in Hardanger by Adolph Tidemand

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Works of art of all kinds are proof for human creativity and expression of one's own individuality - not simply that of the artist, but also that of each buyer or consumer of artworks. Every person likes different works of art or sees something else in them, interprets them differently, is touched by them in a different way.
By choosing works that we buy ourselves and show to others, we are unavoidably communication something about ourselves. Other than the works of other artistic disciplines, the creations of graphic arts don't have a fleeting character and cannot be repeated or multiplied. There is an original of every paining that is - apart from signs of aging - unchangeable.
High-quality art prints, like the ones offered by us, are the closest visual representation of the originals and provide the best opportunity for making a picture accessible to a large number of persons.

Why Us?

True art lovers like us want more than anything that the artists' creativity is valued, and that is only possible if our art prints are as close to the originals as possible.
Because we see our customers as people who share our love for art, it is our personal goal to ensure their satisfaction by staying true to our aspiration of being true masters of printing the old masters, but on the other hand to also make these masterworks accessible to everyone.
This obviously also includes fair pricing and a good customer service.
George Washington

Artists in the Spotlight: Utagawa Kunisada

Portrait von Utagawa Kunisada Utagawa Kunisada was founded in 1786 as Sumida Shagor? Born in Honjo, a district of Edo, now Tokyo, the son of a ferry operator who died shortly after Sumida's birth. The inherited ferry service secured Shogor? regardless of his artistic career existence. Shogor's early sketches made an impression on the head of the Utagawa school: Utagawa Toyokuni (1769 - 1825). Around 1800, Shogor? received from Toyokuni in the Utagawa School and received from him a stage name, which was composed in part of the name of the school and that of his master: Utagawa Kunisada (based on Toyokuni). Kunisada quickly became the most important artist of the Utagawa school with his color woodcuts, which included large format prints and book illustrations. Hi...

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