Bombardment of Algiers, August 1816, 1820  by Thomas Luny

Bombardment of Algiers, August 1816, 1820

(Bombardierung von Algier, August 1816, 1820)

Thomas Luny

Romantic  ·  Marine
anglo-dutch fleet · attack on deys corsairs · corsair · english · dutch · navy · naval · sea battle · firing · ship · ships · nocturne · flames
Bombardment of Algiers, August 1816, 1820 by Thomas Luny
1820   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  17.74 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 302163   ·  Private Collection /
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Bombardierung von Algier, August 1816, 1820 (AT) Bombardierung von Algier, August 1816, 1820 (DE) Bombardierung von Algier, August 1816, 1820 (CH) Bombardment of Algiers, August 1816, 1820  (US) Bombardamento di Algeri, agosto 1816, 1820 (IT) Bombardement d'Alger, août 1816, 1820 (FR) Bombardement van Algiers, augustus 1816, 1820 (NL) Bombardeo de Argel, agosto de 1816, 1820 (ES) Бомбардировка Алжира, август 1816 г., 1820 г. (RU) अल्जीयर्स की बमबारी, अगस्त 1816, 1820 (HI) 阿尔及尔的轰炸,1816年8月,1820年 (ZH) Bombardeio de Argel, agosto de 1816, 1820 (PT)

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