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Leon Augustin Lhermitte

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Haymaking by Leon Augustin Lhermitte
1887   ·  Gemälde  ·  10.23 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 17183
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Zygmunt K.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 80cm x 65cm, stretched on stretcher.
In this painting, the viewer is in the middle of the hay harvest. Leon-Augustin-Lhermitte creates a scene of great power in this light-filled picture. First, the view is directed to the farmer sitting in the left foreground. Fully immersed in his work, with a bald head but muscular arms, he devotes himself to his scythe. No doubt he is the grandfather, the family sitting behind him. The family trio in turn is dominated by the little daughter. She stands behind her parents lying on the floor. In her arms she holds big pitchforks, which are necessary for the field work.

While the old farmer is completely immersed in his work, the two parents turn to their child full. That's why the mother is also turned away from the viewer. Her gaze forms a diagonal to the equipment, which keeps the child light and natural in the arm. We see the young farmers in profile. But his left-hand posture and his gaze also indicate that the girl is more important at the moment than the haymaking: the little family has apparently discussed something with each other, though we can not tell if the mother is still speaking. This state of suspension makes a charm of the work.

The painter also masterfully illuminates the scenery on the meadow. In the foreground, four people sit on a sun-drenched meadow, while at the top of the hillside you can make out a large shadow on the ground. Through this light, the oil painting receives tension and drama, despite the calm and intimacy emanating from the figures.

The French painter is one of the realists. Nonetheless, his quick brushstroke, depicting the landscape or the slightly blurred face of the old farmer, shows that he is also concerned with the emotional perception of the scene. With this, Lhermitte approaches the ideas of the Impressionists and lets the viewer literally enter the landscape. Fascinatingly, this work will be seen again and again in the interplay of human interaction, of rest and work, as well as light and shadow! © Meisterdrucke
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