Beach Study by Henry Scott Tuke

Beach Study


Henry Scott Tuke

Impressionism  ·  Male nude
beach · coast · outdoors · rocks · rocky · shore · coastal · painting · study · 1928 · twenties · oil on canvas · henry scott tuke · tuke · male · youth · young · nude · naked · swimmer · swimming · bathing · bather · english · england · britain · british · 20th century · c20th · Impressionist · nudity · nudes
Beach Study by Henry Scott Tuke
1928   ·  oil on canvas  ·  5.02 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 368916   ·  Private Collection /
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Daniel L.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 52cm x 65cm, stretched on stretcher. With painting frame 'Raphaela'.
Especially motivic "beach study" is a typical representative of Henry Scott Tukes art. The painter liked to choose young, half-dressed or even naked men as a motif. The study painted with oil on canvas shows a young man in the back view. Shirtless and wearing light trousers, the stranger leans against a rock that protrudes from the left into the picture. His gaze is directed into the distance to the sea, which intersects in the background with the delicately hinted horizon. Duke lets it matter if the young man is watching something or after daydreaming. Also painterly corresponds the "beach study" the style of the artist. The painting style is free and detached from the drawing, the colors Tuke thick and strong. Like most of the artist's works, this is characterized by tactful restraint. Duke never portrayed his characters and their nakedness as an object of desire. Rather, he left them their privacy and dignity. Tuke was born in 1858, in 1929 the artist died at the age of 71. At the beginning of the 1880s he lived and studied in Paris. Later he settled in the English town of Newlyn. Here he joined the so-called Newlyn School, a small group of painters, who are dedicated to the French impressionists of the open-air painting. © Meisterdrucke
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Strandstudie (AT) Strandstudie (DE) Strandstudie (CH) Beach Study (US)
Beach Study, c.1928 (IT) Étude de plage, vers 1928 (FR) Strandstudie (NL) Estudio de la playa, c.1928 (ES) Изучение пляжа (RU)
बीच का अध्ययन (HI) Estudo de praia (PT)

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Strandstudie (AT) Strandstudie (DE) Strandstudie (CH) Beach Study (US) Beach Study, c.1928 (IT) Étude de plage, vers 1928 (FR) Strandstudie (NL) Estudio de la playa, c.1928 (ES) Изучение пляжа (RU) बीच का अध्ययन (HI) Estudo de praia (PT)

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