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The Scream by Edvard Munch

The Scream

(Der Schrei)

Edvard Munch

Expressionism  ·  Abstract paintings
scream · hands · munch · yellow · face · eyes · mouth
The Scream by Edvard Munch
1910   ·  Tempera auf Panel  ·  49.11 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 28768
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Wolfgang R.
Perfect picture frame to perfect picture!
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Original comment: Perfekter Bilderrahmen zu perfektem Bild!
Art print on Canvas glossy, 99cm x 125cm, stretched on stretcher. With painting frame 'Carlotta'.

Johann R.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 48cm x 61cm, stretched on stretcher.

Vanessa S.
Art Print on Photo paper glossy, 70cm x 89cm.

George L.
nice fine art printing
Art Print on Photo paper matte/satin, 71cm x 90cm.

Gerd D.
Art print on Canvas matte, 50cm x 63cm, stretched on stretcher.

David H.
Art print on Canvas matte, 66cm x 83cm, stretched on stretcher.

Emilio F.
Art Print on Canvas Satin, 20cm x 25cm, with 3cm additional border (Dark gray (neutral)).
Hardly any painting created after 1900 enjoys such popularity and triggers such fascination as Edward Munch's expressive masterpiece "The Scream". That the visual arts should not only depict what the eye sees, but try to express the innermost, is a relatively new phenomenon. Consequently, the number of paintings that reflect emotions is comparatively low. Munch's image so skillfully captures despair and horror on the screen that it became a symbol of mental suffering, such as depression and anxiety disorders, whose research was still in its infancy when the painting was made. In addition, "The Scream" inspired numerous other artists in a variety of disciplines, including horror legend Wes Craven ("Nightmare On Elm Street", "Scream") and television producer, screenwriter and director Steven Moffat ("Sherlock", "Doctor Who"). © Meisterdrucke
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Der Schrei (AT) Der Schrei (DE) Der Schrei (CH) The Scream (US)
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Der Schrei (AT) Der Schrei (DE) Der Schrei (CH) The Scream (US) L Le cri (FR) De Schreeuw (NL) El grito (ES) Крик (RU) चीख़ (HI) O grito (PT)

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