Dancers by Edgar Degas



Edgar Degas

desperate · soulful · love · women · woman · passionate · hugging · dress · remove · aching · dancers
Dancers by Edgar Degas
1894   ·    ·  51.24 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 7820
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Woman, drying her feet after the bath Miss La la at the Cirque Fernando, 1879 Injured Jockey, 1896-98 Dancer Fastening the Strings of Her Tights, c.1885-90, cast 1919 (bronze) Exercising Racehorses, c1880.  Dancer in Front of a Window (Dancer at the Photographers Studio) c.1874-77 At the Stock Exchange, c.1878-79 Ballet Scene Bather lying on the floor, c1885 Interior with Two Figures, 1869.  Backstage Three Dancers Preparing for Class, c.1880 (pastel on buff-colored wove paper) View of a Dancers Profile, c.1899 (gouache and watercolour on paper) Ludovic Halevy Found Madame Cardinal in a Lounge; Ludovic Halevy finds Madame Cardinal in a box, 1876-1877 After the bath
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Tänzer (AT) Tänzer (DE) Tänzer (CH) Dancers (US) ballerini (IT) Danseurs (FR) dansers (NL) Bailarines (ES) Танцоры (RU) नर्तकों (HI) 舞者 (ZH) Dançarinos (PT)

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