Fishing Pool, Sassafras Gully by Archibald James Campbell

Fishing Pool, Sassafras Gully

(Angeln Pool, Sassafras Gully)

Archibald James Campbell

jungle · lake · river · waterfall · stream · tree · bird · reflection · outdoors · basket · fishing · pool · sassafras · gully
Fishing Pool, Sassafras Gully by Archibald James Campbell
1891   ·  Fotografie  ·  19.28 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 1017
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Angeln Pool, Sassafras Gully (AT) Angeln Pool, Sassafras Gully (DE) Angeln Pool, Sassafras Gully (CH) Fishing Pool, Sassafras Gully (US) Pesca in piscina, Sassafras Gully (IT) Pêche à la ligne, Sassafras Gully (FR) Vissen zwembad, Sassafras Gully (NL) Piscina de pesca, Sassafras Gully (ES) Рыболовный бассейн, Сассафрас Галли (RU) फिशिंग पूल, ससफ्रास गली (HI) 钓鱼池,Sassulras沟壑 (ZH) Piscina de pesca, barranco de sassafrás (PT)

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