Gravedona, Lake Como, 1895  by William Callow

Gravedona, Lake Como, 1895

(Gravedona, Lake Como, 1895)

William Callow

Landscape painting
landscape · beach · boats
Gravedona, Lake Como, 1895 by William Callow
1895   ·  watercolour on paper  ·  23.07 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 322134   ·  Bolton Museum and Art Gallery, Lancashire, UK /
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Gravedona, Comer See, 1895 (AT) Gravedona, Comer See, 1895 (DE) Gravedona, Comer See, 1895 (CH) Gravedona, Lake Como, 1895 (US)
Gravedona, Lago di Como, 1895 (IT) Gravedona, lac de Côme, 1895 (FR) Gravedona, Comomeer, 1895 (NL) Gravedona, Lake Como, 1895  (ES) Граведона, озеро Комо, 1895 г. (RU)
ग्रेवेडोना, लेक कोमो, 1895 (HI) 格拉韦多纳,科莫湖,1895年 (ZH) Gravedona, Lago de Como, 1895 (PT)

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