Found by Dante Gabriel Charles Rossetti



Dante Gabriel Charles Rossetti

Pre Raphaelites
sketch · urchins · city · cobblestone · holding · people · embrace · poor · downtrodden · sidewalk · found
Found by Dante Gabriel Charles Rossetti
1854   ·  Tinte auf Papier  ·  25.54 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 7903
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Gefunden (AT) Gefunden (DE) Gefunden (CH) Found (US)
Trovato (IT) A trouvé (FR) gevonden (NL) Encontró (ES) Найденный (RU)
मिल गया (HI) Encontrado (PT)

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Gefunden (AT) Gefunden (DE) Gefunden (CH) Found (US) Trovato (IT) A trouvé (FR) gevonden (NL) Encontró (ES) Найденный (RU) मिल गया (HI) Encontrado (PT)

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