Untitled by Lyubov Sergeevna Popova


(Ohne Titel 369911)

Lyubov Sergeevna Popova

Suprematism  ·  geometry
abstract · geometric · yellow · black · pink · grey · russian · avant-garde · 20th century
Untitled by Lyubov Sergeevna Popova
Undated   ·  0  ·  23.84 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 369911   ·  Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York, USA / bridgemanimages.com
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Constructivist Composition, 1922 (red and black crayon on paper) Painterly Architectonic (Still Life: instruments), 1915, by Liubov Popova (1889-1924), oil on canvas, 105x62 cm. Russia, 20th century. Painterly Architectonics, 1916-17 Stage design for William Shakespeares play Romeo and Juliet, 1920 (gouache on cardboard) Untitled, 1916 Composition with letters (K.L.CH.B.V.S.P.) Delta, c.1919 (gouache and Indian ink on paper) Man + Air + Space, 1915 Stage set design for the play The Magnanimous Cuckold by F. Crommelynck, Meyerhold Theatre, Moscow, 1922 (wc, indian ink, pen and collage lacquer on paper) Seated Figure, 1914-15 Summer, 1917-18 Compostion, 1921 Untitled The Actors Professional Garments, No 3. Costume Design For The Magnanimous Cuckold by Vsevolod Emilevich Meyerhold, 1921 (ink and gouache on paper) Untitled, c.1916 Red Triangles in Circles
Other motives from the category geometry
Black Cross, c.1923 Suprematist Composition, c.1915-16 Composition in Colour A, 1917 Lozenge Composition with Two Lines, 1931 Composition No 11 in grey, pink and blue, 1913, by Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), oil on canvas. Netherlands, 20th century. Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue, 1921 Composition, 1929 Contra composition, 1924 Composition in Line, 1917 `Of Two Squares`, frontispiece design, 1920, pub. in Berlin, 1922 Colour study for architecture Composition in Half-Tones, 1928 Design for the Speakers Rostrum, 1919 (wc and pencil on paper) (see also 114395) the city night,2016, Proun, circa 1922, El Lissitzky (1890-1941)
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A Foggy Night in London The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog Woman Reading a Letter, c.1662-63 The Origin of the World Intersecting Lines, 1923 Mary Magdalene with a night light, c.1640-35 Starry Night Peonies and Canary (Shakuyaku, kanaari), from an untitled series known as Small Flowers The Sailing Boat, Evening Effect, 1885 The Garden of Earthly Delights Christina Ancient Times, from De Figuris Veneris by F.K Forberg, engraved by the artist, 1900 The Destruction of Herculaneum and Pompeii Composition, 1930 (wc and indian ink) Summer evening on Skagen Beach. Anna Ancher and Marie Krøyer walking together.

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Ohne Titel 369911 (AT) Ohne Titel 369911 (DE) Ohne Titel 369911 (CH) Untitled (US)
Senza titolo (IT) Sans titre (FR) Untitled (NL) Intitulado (ES) Без названия (RU)
शीर्षकहीन (HI) 无标题 (ZH) Sem título (PT)

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Ohne Titel 369911 (AT) Ohne Titel 369911 (DE) Ohne Titel 369911 (CH) Untitled (US) Senza titolo (IT) Sans titre (FR) Untitled (NL) Intitulado (ES) Без названия (RU) शीर्षकहीन (HI) 无标题 (ZH) Sem título (PT)

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