Painting Frames Rosa

Painting Frames "Rosa"

graphit-silber • Width: 65mm • Height: 60mm
An eye-catcher with a certain industrial character gets you with the picture frame Rosa in its four walls. This silver-colored picture frame is made of fine real wood, in which the ornaments look like vertically corrugated metal objects that are placed against each other. After gilding technique, the frame is covered by hand with leaf metal, was then painted in graphite matt and finally rubbed through to the leaf metal. This special processing gives an effect that makes this frame "out of the ordinary". Even if any picture is in good hands here, black-and-white motifs would be particularly suitable. Here frame and motif can form a unity, which in turn is unparalleled. In old knight halls, this frame would look just as good as in an industrial hall. Look and feel go hand in hand - even if only the feather duster is supposed to sweep over the frame, the shape and color of the picture frame give Rosa the opportunity to inspect his fine workmanship with his hands.
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