Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth by Martin Johnson Heade

Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth

(Magnolien auf Gold Samt Tuch)

Martin Johnson Heade

American art  ·  still life
Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth by Martin Johnson Heade
Undated   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  37.92 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 17516
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Rebecca H.
A really wonderful picture!
(Machine translation)

Original comment: Ein wirklich ausgesprochen wundervolles Bild!
Art print on Canvas Satin, 68cm x 42cm, stretched on stretcher.

Natalie L.
Art Print on Photo paper matte/satin, 95cm x 59cm.
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Magnolien auf Gold Samt Tuch (AT) Magnolien auf Gold Samt Tuch (DE) Magnolien auf Gold Samt Tuch (CH) Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth (US) Magnolias sul panno di velluto d Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth (FR) Magnolia's op gouden fluweeldoek (NL) Magnolias en tela de terciopelo dorado (ES) Магнолии на Золотой Бархатной Ткани (RU) गोल्ड वेलवेट कपड़े पर मैगनोलियास (HI) 金丝绒布上的木兰 (ZH) Magnólias no pano de veludo de ouro (PT)

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