Painting Frames Noella

Painting Frames "Noella"

Weiß mit Ornament • Serie: Edge • Width: 88mm • Height: 32mm
Even if the basic shape of the Noella decorative frame is quite simple, it is a real eye-catcher due to the addition of decorative ornaments and an individual coloring. And not only that - Noella is also part of the Edge frame series, which only produces unique pieces. This luxury class is made by hand, so that each of these real wood frames is a special one-off. The shape of the main bar is based on a subtle simplicity that still shows its effect. At a simple 30 degree angle, the wood was brought inwards from the narrow upper side to its total height of 32 mm - and this again over its total width of 88 mm. The designers had enough space on this frame to let their creative imagination run wild. The makers have incorporated a variety of structure, color nuances and effects solely on the basic structure of Noella. A warm white plays the main role. This fits on the entire frame and is harmoniously accompanied by numerous nuances. Among other things, various shades of beige are incorporated as if they were applied with a thick-bristled brush. Here and there they show up on the wood as they please. Various gray parts are equally fun to be found on Noella. These sometimes appear as brush strokes, sometimes as dots, but also as a wear effect in the form of deliberate scratches. This not only gives the decorative frame a personal character, but also an antique look. The remainder of this is still done by isolated color fading in wine red and color abrasion on the entire wood. A cement gray, in turn, has found its place under the applied ornaments with a rough structure. It not only enhances the plastic impression of the decorative elements, but also emphasizes their special color. The designers chose different shades in red from their color palette. These range from strong, warm chimney red to a wonderfully bright orange to the so-called wine red, which already sets accents as brush strokes on the base strip. The colors are applied to the decorative elements less according to a certain scheme, rather as if the details shine in different tones. The red tones play together on various tendrils with several volutes. However, some parts remain in the tone of the background color, which makes the floral structures appear particularly delicate. The baroque flowers with the gray spaces appear almost airy. The ornaments are arranged in such a way that there is a volute tendril in every corner of the picture frame and another in the middle of each bar. Since Noella is a handmade piece, it was only applied to the wood after the customer had cut the desired size. With great care, attention was paid to the distance between the ornaments as well as to the symmetry of the symbols.
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