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Leerrahmen by Unbekannt

Painting Frames "Luigia"

Brass • 28mm
The picture frame Luigia shows that it does not always have to be a gold frame to beautifully frame an art print. This real wood frame could do without gold and got the color brass. Luigia is particularly pleased with this bright brown of brass. The designers of this picture frame have introduced some interesting elements in the color scheme. Particularly striking is the skilful color gradient, which was brought to the frame. While the broad middle part of the frame is held in a dark brass tone, the brownish upper and lower runs in soft outline in a light beige. This beige in turn is rather narrow at the margins. These are also framed by a filigree black line at the outer end. This delicate border is the creative icing on the cake. In the same tone, but with less contrast, Luigia sweeps away structural design elements - almost as if a topographer had been at work. Like the mountains depicted in cartography, the applied elements give the picture frame Luigia a cosmopolitan character.
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