Painting Frames Iva

Painting Frames "Iva"

Steel • Width: 24mm • Height: 19mm
A graphic equal to the creative staging of the picture frame Iva. The shape of the frame, as if from the artist's workshop of a graphic designer, seems to be reduced to a simple clarity, like a work derived from minimalism. The strips, which in their total size here come to a height of 19 millimeters and a width of 24 millimeters, are made at right angles to each other - no inclination, no ornaments, just a simple, right angle. But it still has it all - because here, in the simplicity of the form, there is a graphic art elaborated in the colors. A deep black forms the colored background on the real wood frame. He comes to the fore in his full intensity as a narrow demarcation line between the inner and the outer groin. A narrow, white bar forms the frame interior, in which the black ground stands out only as a slightly greyish patina. The wider outer edge, however, which is made in strong gray, the black in some lines flash through much more intense.
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