Painting Frames Ina

Painting Frames "Ina"

Grau mit Gitterstruktur • Serie: Hemma III • Width: 31mm • Height: 23mm
Those who prefer bright, friendly and, above all, flexible painting frames for their favorite art prints will enjoy the Ina model. The designers have already created the real wood molding in an extremely simple manner. The height at which the frame projects into the room is 23 mm. At the end there follows a simple right angle, in which the front view follows with a width of 31 mm. The designers have distributed a fairly cheerful gray across these two surfaces, which allows the frame to illuminate all conceivable rooms with its harmonious character. Since gray is very adaptable, Ina not only fits in every gallery, the frame of art prints is also very variable with this frame. Here the art lover can frame his favorite picture from both modern art and old classics, and Ina skilfully stages the work in all cases. The design of the frame also helps him here, because the designers have put a white grid on the gray, which sets an original accent on the wooden strip. Since the grille looks like it has been punched into the freshly painted paint, the gray gaps emerge wonderfully tactile.
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