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Leerrahmen by Unbekannt

Painting Frames "Charlotte"

Gold • 41mm
Art with a frame of art - if this seems impossible, the picture frame Charlotte will teach you a lesson. Because nothing else than art is what the designers have created in the design of this real wood frame. Charlotte is a gold frame that has a width of 41 millimeters and a height of 36 millimeters. Its individual shape begins at the top with a broad, rounded tongue that protrudes into the room. This is followed by an approximately inward-bulging surface, which in turn ends with a combination of two filigree strips. These strips arranged on the frame interior are separated by a narrow notch, resulting in a great spatial effect. To further enhance this effect, the makers of Charlotte resorted to an elaborate color scheme. The golden background also received white, light brown and greenish nuances, with which on the frame a real small piece of art was created - a like in watercolor technique applied small colonnade forms the pattern on the frame Charlotte.
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