Woman with a Cat by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Woman with a Cat

(Frau mit einer Katze)

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Woman with a Cat by Pierre Auguste Renoir
1875   ·  Oil on canvas  ·  22.23 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID:140242   ·  National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA / bridgemanimages.com

Paul P.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 58cm x 70cm, stretched on stretcher. With picture frame '?'.

Inga G.
Art Print on Photo paper diamond, 35cm x 43cm.
Cats have sneaked into the art on quiet paws. Especially the Impressionist painters with their special feeling for the beauty of the world put the purring four-legged in the center of their scenes. Renoir creates with his picture "Woman with a cat" a lovely moment that could hardly feminine. The softness of the cat in combination with the tender and rosy complexion of a young woman creates the lovely impression desired by Renoir. The painter loved women, he loved their gentleness, their rosy bodies. And he loved cats, those soft animals that are often given female attributes. Renoir has managed to capture a special moment. It holds a tender moment and puts it in the center. Just before the young woman's cheek touches the cat's head. It still seems the look of expectation of the touch of the soft fur on the face recognizable. Maybe they have not found the right position to cuddle, but are still intimately connected. There is still a hint of movement as the cat hugs. The woman with the cat speaks to the viewer on an emotional level and leaves no one unimpressed. Renoir puts the scene in a room. The pale blue background is indicated. The curtain gives a glimpse of a window. The eye falls on a situation that is a private moment. The girl in a high-necked dress, her arms unclothed and the cat in her arms. The exact brushwork makes the cat fur appear soft. The tabby coat seems to shine and the hair of the woman harmonizes with the colors of the cat. Woman and cat seem to be self enough. If the picture were a sound, it would be a sigh, a small quiet sound of contentment. Renoir's great claim is the beauty in the picture. The gentle cat, peaceful and without defense is a well-chosen motive to transport the claim. The woman with the cat is a picture to enjoy and to bring the viewer a smile in the face.

During the 18th century, cats developed a close relationship with humans. In the course of time, an intense closeness has developed, which is based on great admiration for the velvet paws. The cat became the company's companion. It was only a logical step that cats made their way into art and literature. Renoir managed to portray cats as a cuddly animal like no other artist. The intimate connection was a recurrent theme in his works. © Meisterdrucke

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