Drifting Clouds  by Caspar David Friedrich

Drifting Clouds

(Treibende Wolken)

Caspar David Friedrich

Romantic  ·  landscapes
german landscape · mountain · hill · cloud · cloudy · bleak · lake · river · romanticist · romantic · romanticism
Drifting Clouds by Caspar David Friedrich
Undated   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  Picture ID: 85980   ·  Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany / bridgemanimages.com
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Ralf M.
Art Print on Photo paper diamond, 70cm x 52cm, with 5cm additional border (50% gray).
The undated painting "Drifting Clouds" by Caspar David Friedrich in oil on canvas makes use of the repertoire of romantic art in terms of compositional technique and choice of motifs, conveying a longing for life which is typical of Caspar David Friedrich's oeuvre. The painting shows in the foreground moss-grown stones, which are entwined by tall grass. Behind the stones is a meadow that shows a slight slope towards the distance and in the middle of the meadow is set a cloudy blue pond. From the moss-clad stones to the meadow unfolds an ever brightening color gradient. If the foreground is still in dark green, the meadow in the middle ground not only brightens, it is also offset by gray-blue shades that prepare the color of the background. The small pond with its gray-blue color creates a color contrast to the green meadow and the dark green moss growth in the foreground.

Like the pond to the meadow, the mountain landscape developing in the background forms a contrast in color to the foreground. However, the mountains are only to be guessed at, so the view of the seemingly endless mountain range is clouded by a group of clouds, whose diagonal arrangement gives the appearance of a movement, as if the clouds were passing shortly, thus giving hope for a clear view Far-sightedness arises and yet fails.

As in many of his works, Caspar David Friedrich opens up a dichotomy of this-worldly concretion and otherworldly abstraction. Thus, the color of the stones and the moss grow strongly differentiated, they seem real and almost tangible. The real interest, however, is precisely the intangible. As observers, we find ourselves in the here and now, in the finite world of this world, but our gaze is eagerly directed towards the infinite distance whose horizon can not be seen. © Meisterdrucke
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Treibende Wolken (AT) Treibende Wolken (DE) Treibende Wolken (CH) Drifting Clouds  (US)
Nuove nuvole (IT) Nuages à la dérive (FR) Drijvende wolken (NL) Nubes a la deriva (ES) Дрейфующие облака (RU)
बहते हुए बादल (HI) 漂流云 (ZH) Nuvens à deriva (PT) 漂う雲 (JP) الانجراف الغيوم (AE)

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Treibende Wolken (AT) Treibende Wolken (DE) Treibende Wolken (CH) Drifting Clouds  (US) Nuove nuvole (IT) Nuages à la dérive (FR) Drijvende wolken (NL) Nubes a la deriva (ES) Дрейфующие облака (RU) बहते हुए बादल (HI) 漂流云 (ZH) Nuvens à deriva (PT) 漂う雲 (JP) الانجراف الغيوم (AE)

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