Detail of the

Detail of the 'Small' Last Judgement, c.1620 (see 206400)

(Detail of the Small Last Judgement, c.1620 (see 206400))

Peter Paul Rubens

le petit jugement dernier · heaven · hell · god the father · sinners · damnes · angel · falling · chaos · baroque · hell · damnation
Detail of the 'Small' Last Judgement, c.1620 (see 206400) by Peter Paul Rubens
Undated   ·  Öl auf Panel  ·  47.24 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 41003   ·  Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Germany /
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Detail des Jüngsten Gerichts Small, c.1620 (siehe 206400) (AT) Detail des Jüngsten Gerichts Small, c.1620 (siehe 206400) (DE) Detail des Jüngsten Gerichts Small, c.1620 (siehe 206400) (CH) Detail of the Small Last Judgement, c.1620  (see 206400) (US) Particolare del Giudizio Ultimo "Piccolo", c.1620 (vedi 206400) (IT) Détail du «Petit» Jugement dernier, c.1620 (voir 206400) (FR) Detail van het 'kleine' laatste oordeel, ca.1620 (zie 206400) (NL) Detalle del Juicio Final 'Pequeño', c.1620 (ver 206400) (ES) Фрагмент «Маленького» Страшного Суда, ок. 1620 (см. 206400) (RU) 'लघु' अंतिम निर्णय का विवरण, c.1620 (206400 देखें) (HI) '小'最后审判的细节,c.1620(见206400) (ZH) Detalhe do Último Julgamento "Pequeno", c.1620 (ver 206400) (PT)

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