October by Eugene Grasset



Eugene Grasset

Retro Art
flower · raking · leaves · rake · chestnuts · autumn
October by Eugene Grasset
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Salon of the Cents, 1894 Three Women and Three Wolves Poster for The Century Magazine - Napoleon in Egypt, 1895  La VitrioleusenEnglish: The acid throwern The Conquest of Air, cover illustration for Figaro Illustre, February 1909 March October Apparitions, ca 1900, gold and enamel brooch, made by Eugene Grasset (1845-1917) for Vever, Paris. France, 20th century. Young girl in a garden Reproduction of a poster advertising Joan of Arc, starring Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923) at the Renaissance Theatre  (see 127035) Reproduction of a poster advertising A New Life of Napoleon, illustrated in Century Magazine July Poster advertising a Christmas issue of Harpers Magazine November Poster advertising
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Oktober (AT) Oktober (DE) Oktober (CH) October (US)
ottobre (IT) octobre (FR) oktober (NL) octubre (ES) октября (RU)
अक्टूबर (HI) 十月 (ZH) Outubro (PT)

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Oktober (AT) Oktober (DE) Oktober (CH) October (US) ottobre (IT) octobre (FR) oktober (NL) octubre (ES) октября (RU) अक्टूबर (HI) 十月 (ZH) Outubro (PT)

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