April by Eugene Grasset



Eugene Grasset

Retro Art
flower · primroses · spring · blossom · stream · marigold
April by Eugene Grasset
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The Conquest of Air, cover illustration for Figaro Illustre, February 1909 July June Three Women and Three Wolves Poster advertising a Christmas issue of Harpers Magazine November Librairie Romantique poster advertising a series of books on the history of romanticism, 1887 Allegory of Spring, c.1900 Spring, 1894 (stained glass) Salon des Cent, 1894 (colour lithograph) Reproduction of a poster advertising A New Life of Napoleon, illustrated in Century Magazine Woman with a fan, 1900 August Poster advertising Apparitions, ca 1900, gold and enamel brooch, made by Eugene Grasset (1845-1917) for Vever, Paris. France, 20th century.
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