Seagull by English School



English School

bird · birds · ornithology · seagull
Seagull by English School
Undated   ·  colour lithograph  ·  6.81 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 70142   ·  Private Collection /
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Möwe (AT) Möwe (DE) Möwe (CH) Seagull (US)
Gabbiano (IT) Mouette (FR) Zeemeeuw (NL) Gaviota (ES) чайка (RU)
गंगा-चिल्ली (HI) 海鸥 (ZH) Gaivota (PT) カモメ (JP) النورس (AE)

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Möwe (AT) Möwe (DE) Möwe (CH) Seagull (US) Gabbiano (IT) Mouette (FR) Zeemeeuw (NL) Gaviota (ES) чайка (RU) गंगा-चिल्ली (HI) 海鸥 (ZH) Gaivota (PT) カモメ (JP) النورس (AE)

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