Sea Port at Sunset by Claude Lorrain

Sea Port at Sunset

(Seehafen bei Sonnenuntergang)

Claude Lorrain

Baroque  ·  Towns and villages
harbour · classical · setting · evening · ships · architecture · sailors · ship · boats · boat · FA00589
Sea Port at Sunset by Claude Lorrain
1639   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  73.56 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 73571   ·  Louvre, Paris, France /
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Ute H.
Art Print on Color cardboard, 90cm x 69cm.
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Seehafen bei Sonnenuntergang (AT) Seehafen bei Sonnenuntergang (DE) Seehafen bei Sonnenuntergang (CH) Sea Port at Sunset (US) Porto marittimo al tramonto (IT) Port maritime au coucher du soleil (FR) Zeehaven bij zonsondergang (NL) Puerto marítimo al atardecer (ES) Морской порт на закате (RU) सूर्यास्त के समय सी पोर्ट (HI) 在日落时的海港 (ZH) Porto marítimo ao pôr do sol (PT)

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