The Dream by Franz Marc

The Dream

(Der Traum)

Franz Marc

Expressionism  ·  Wild animals
elephants · asleep · elephant · the dream
The Dream by Franz Marc
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Der Traum (AT) Der Traum (DE) Der Traum (CH) The Dream (US)
Il sogno (IT) Le rêve (FR) De droom (NL) El sueño (ES) Мечта (RU)
सपना (HI) O sonho (PT)

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Der Traum (AT) Der Traum (DE) Der Traum (CH) The Dream (US) Il sogno (IT) Le rêve (FR) De droom (NL) El sueño (ES) Мечта (RU) सपना (HI) O sonho (PT)

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