Gazelles, 1913 (tempera on board) by Franz Marc

Gazelles, 1913 (tempera on board)

(Gazellen, 1913 (Tempera an Bord))

Franz Marc

gazelle · gazelles · animal · animals · expressionist · expressionism · wood · woods · woodland · nature · antlers · semi-abstract · german expressionism · german expressionist
Gazelles, 1913 (tempera on board) by Franz Marc
1913   ·  tempera on board  ·  19.47 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 307855   ·  Private Collection /
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Wolfgang R.
Art Print on Photo paper matte/satin, 50cm x 39cm.

Reinhold L.
Art Print on Color cardboard, 71cm x 55cm.
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Gazellen, 1913 (Tempera an Bord) (AT) Gazellen, 1913 (Tempera an Bord) (DE) Gazellen, 1913 (Tempera an Bord) (CH) Gazelles, 1913 (tempera on board) (US)
Gazzelle, 1913 (tempera a bordo) (IT) Gazelles, 1913 (détrempe à bord) (FR) Gazelles, 1913 (tempera aan boord) (NL) Gacelas, 1913 (tempera a bordo) (ES) Газель, 1913 (темпера на борту) (RU)
गज़ेल्स, 1913 (बोर्ड पर तड़का) (HI) Gazelles,1913年(船上的蛋彩画) (ZH) Gazelas, 1913 (tempera a bordo) (PT)

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