Diana and Endymion discovered by a Satyr, 1622-27 by Anthony van Dyck

Diana and Endymion discovered by a Satyr, 1622-27

(Diana und Endymion entdeckt von einem Satyr, 1622-27)

Anthony van Dyck

Baroque  ·  Female nude
myth · mythology · mythological · lover · male · female · goddess · asleep · sleeping · forest · wood · tree · discovery
Diana and Endymion discovered by a Satyr, 1622-27 by Anthony van Dyck
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Marcus A.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 48cm x 40cm, stretched on stretcher.
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Diana und Endymion entdeckt von einem Satyr, 1622-27 (AT) Diana und Endymion entdeckt von einem Satyr, 1622-27 (DE) Diana und Endymion entdeckt von einem Satyr, 1622-27 (CH) Diana and Endymion discovered by a Satyr, 1622-27 (US)
Diana ed Endimione scoperti da un Satiro, 1622-27 (IT) Diane et Endymion découvertes par un Satyre, 1622-27 (FR) Diana en Endymion ontdekt door een Satyr, 1622-27 (NL) Diana y Endymion descubiertos por un sátiro, 1622-27 (ES) Диана и Эндимион, обнаруженные сатиром, 1622-27 (RU)
डायना एंड एंडिमियन की खोज एक व्यंग्यकार ने 1622-27 में की थी (HI) 戴安娜和恩迪米恩是由萨特尔发现的,1622-27 (ZH) Diana e Endymion descobertos por um sátiro, 1622-27 (PT)

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