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Ecce Homo by Luis de Morales

Ecce Homo

(Ecce Homo)

Luis de Morales

Mannerism  ·  Religion
spear · brow · blood · cloack · chest · suffer · drape · strap · sunken
Ecce Homo by Luis de Morales
1570   ·  Öl auf Holz  ·  15.17 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 17148
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Ecce Homo (IT) Ecce Homo (FR) Zie de mens! (NL) He aquí el hombre! (ES) Вот человек! (RU)
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Ecce Homo (AT) Ecce Homo (DE) Ecce Homo (CH) Ecce Homo (US) Ecce Homo (IT) Ecce Homo (FR) Zie de mens! (NL) He aquí el hombre! (ES) Вот человек! (RU) आदमी निहारना! (HI) Eis o homem! (PT)

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