Rio dei Mendicanti, Venice by John Singer Sargent

Rio dei Mendicanti, Venice

(Beggars Rio, Venedig)

John Singer Sargent

Impressionism  ·  Towns and villages
Rio dei Mendicanti, Venice by John Singer Sargent
1909   ·  Wasserfarbe auf Papier  ·  49.48 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 15165
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Beggars Rio, Venedig (AT) Beggars Rio, Venedig (DE) Beggars Rio, Venedig (CH) Rio dei Mendicanti, Venice (US) Rio dei Mendicanti, Venice (IT) Mendiants Rio, Venise (FR) Rio dei Mendicanti, Venetië (NL) Rio dei Mendicanti, Venecia (ES) Рио деи Мендиканти, Венеция (RU) रियो डी मेंडिसेंटी, वेनिस (HI) Rio dei Mendicanti,威尼斯 (ZH) Rio dei Mendicanti, Veneza (PT)

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