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A Hare in the Forest by Hans Hoffmann

A Hare in the Forest

(Ein Hase im Wald)

Hans Hoffmann

Renaissance  ·  Famous masterpieces  ·  Pets
rabbit · butterflies · trees · snails · slugs · outdoors · leaves · flowers · sticks · eating
A Hare in the Forest by Hans Hoffmann
1585   ·  Öl auf Panel  ·  62.29 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 11583
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Liam U.
Thanks for the beautiful reproduction. My wife and I are enthusiastic about the color reproduction and will definitely come back to you.
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Original comment: Dank voor de prachtige reproductie. Mijn vrouw en ik zijn enthousiast over de kleurweergave en komen zeker nog eens bij u terug.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 90cm x 71cm, stretched on stretcher.

Pieter G.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 80cm x 63cm, stretched on stretcher.

Helmuth K.
1A art print
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Original comment: 1A Kunstdruck
Art Print on Photo paper glossy, 80cm x 63cm.

Patrick S.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 51cm x 40cm, stretched on stretcher. With painting frame 'Davina'.
The Renaissance painter Hans Hoffmann found his highly revered role model in Albrecht Dürer, whose images fascinated him in their lifelike portrayal. Known is his memorandum to the great artist in which a rabbit is depicted on a white background after Art Dürer, signed with the monogram of Dürer and his year of death 1528th Hans Hoffmann, who was born in 1530, was so enthusiastic about the art of the master he became a great copyist of his works. - At the time there was no other possibility of duplication. - The "hare in the forest" is considered the basis for the artistic motive variant animal piece. The exact viewer will notice that the scene can not be deep in the forest. The broad plantain grows only on "kicked", solid ground, bare sand and wood shavings, which obviously come from the work of an ax, are testimonials for it. The foreground of the picture shows lifelike studies of thistles, clover and lady's mantle, also butterflies, snails and a grasshopper can be discovered. In the background, the motifs are blurred, which encourages the interpretation of the uncertain. © Meisterdrucke
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Ein Hase im Wald (AT) Ein Hase im Wald (DE) Ein Hase im Wald (CH) A Hare in the Forest (US)
Una lepre nella foresta (IT) Un lièvre dans la forêt (FR) Een haas in het bos (NL) Una liebre en el bosque (ES) Заяц в лесу (RU)
जंगल में एक हरे (HI) Uma lebre na floresta (PT)

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Ein Hase im Wald (AT) Ein Hase im Wald (DE) Ein Hase im Wald (CH) A Hare in the Forest (US) Una lepre nella foresta (IT) Un lièvre dans la forêt (FR) Een haas in het bos (NL) Una liebre en el bosque (ES) Заяц в лесу (RU) जंगल में एक हरे (HI) Uma lebre na floresta (PT)

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