Nude Woman in Bed, c.1914   by Gustav Klimt

Nude Woman in Bed, c.1914

(Nackte Frau im Bett, c.1914)

Gustav Klimt

Art Nouveau  ·  sketches
female · lying · reclining · bent knee · drawing · sketch · sleeping · asleep · vienna secession · jugendstil
Nude Woman in Bed, c.1914 by Gustav Klimt
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Nackte Frau im Bett, c.1914 (AT) Nackte Frau im Bett, c.1914 (DE) Nackte Frau im Bett, c.1914 (CH) Nude Woman in Bed, c.1914   (US) Donna nuda a letto, 1914 circa (IT) Femme nue au lit, vers 1914 (FR) Naakte vrouw in bed, ca.1914 (NL) Mujer desnuda en la cama, c.1914 (ES) Обнаженная женщина в постели, c.1914 (RU) बिस्तर में नग्न महिला, c.1914 (HI) 在床上的裸体女人,c.1914 (ZH) Mulher nua na cama, c.1914 (PT)

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