People I Have Met, the Rector  by Frederick Barnard

People I Have Met, the Rector

(Menschen, die ich getroffen habe, der Rektor)

Frederick Barnard

Genre painting  ·  Newspapers and illustrations
people i have met · rector · glass · madeira · ladies · retired · loved · recount · story · floggings · dinner · party · paris · republican · soup · dispatched · hastened · assure · neighbour · empire · government · france · literary illustrations · dining · clergy
People I Have Met, the Rector by Frederick Barnard
1881   ·  Gravur  ·  48.49 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 284219   ·  Private Collection /
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Menschen, die ich getroffen habe, der Rektor (AT) Menschen, die ich getroffen habe, der Rektor (DE) Menschen, die ich getroffen habe, der Rektor (CH) People I Have Met, the Rector  (US) Persone che ho incontrato, il Rettore (IT) Les gens que j'ai rencontrés, le recteur (FR) Mensen die ik heb leren kennen, de rector (NL) Gente que he conocido, el rector (ES) Люди, которых я встретил, ректор (RU) लोग आई हैव मेट, द रेक्टर (HI) 我见过的人,校长 (ZH) Pessoas que conheci, o reitor (PT)

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