The Luncheon: Monet

The Luncheon: Monet's garden at Argenteuil, c.1873

(The Luncheon: Monets garden at Argenteuil, c.1873 )

Claude Monet

eating · al fresco · geranium · impressionist · food · drink · meal · decorative panel · son jean on left · woman · bonnet · parasol · lunch · fa00090 · Impressionism
The Luncheon: Monet's garden at Argenteuil, c.1873 by Claude Monet
Undated   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  128.55 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 57977   ·  Musee d'Orsay, Paris, France /
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Mathias J.
Art Print on Canvas matte, 90cm x 72cm.

Marion C.
First-class reproduction. The price is justified in any case.
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Original comment: Erstklassige Reproduktion. Der Preis ist auf jeden Fall gerechtfertigt.
Art Print on Canvas matte, 60cm x 48cm.

Andreas K.
Art Print on Photo paper matte/satin, 58cm x 46cm.
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Das Mittagessen: Monets Garten in Argenteuil, c.1873 (AT) Das Mittagessen: Monets Garten in Argenteuil, c.1873 (DE) Das Mittagessen: Monets Garten in Argenteuil, c.1873 (CH) The Luncheon: Monets garden at Argenteuil, c.1873  (US) The Luncheon: il giardino di Monet ad Argenteuil, 1873 ca. (IT) Le déjeuner: jardin de Monet à Argenteuil, c.1873 (FR) De lunch: de tuin van Monet in Argenteuil, ca.1873 (NL) El almuerzo: el jardín de Monet en Argenteuil, c.1873 (ES) Обед: сад Моне в Аржантее, ок. 1873 (RU) द लंचियन: अर्जेंटीना के मोनेट्स गार्डन, c.1873 (HI) 午餐:莫奈的花园在Argenteuil,c.1873 (ZH) O Almoço: O jardim de Monet em Argenteuil, c.1873 (PT)

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