Field of Yellow Irises at Giverny, 1887  by Claude Monet

Field of Yellow Irises at Giverny, 1887

(Feld der gelben Schwertlilien in Giverny, 1887)

Claude Monet

Impressionism  ·  landscapes
landscape · countryside · flowers · flowering · impressionist · iris · normandy · summer · no 5172
Field of Yellow Irises at Giverny, 1887 by Claude Monet
1887   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  32.45 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 267496   ·  Musee Marmottan Monet, Paris, France /
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Feld der gelben Schwertlilien in Giverny, 1887 (AT) Feld der gelben Schwertlilien in Giverny, 1887 (DE) Feld der gelben Schwertlilien in Giverny, 1887 (CH) Field of Yellow Irises at Giverny, 1887  (US) Campo di Iris Gialle a Giverny, 1887 (IT) Champ d'Iris jaunes à Giverny, 1887 (FR) Gebied van gele irissen in Giverny, 1887 (NL) Campo de lirios amarillos en Giverny, 1887 (ES) Поле желтых ирисов в Живерни, 1887 (RU) 1887 में गिवरनी में येलो इरिज़ का मैदान (HI) 黄色虹膜的领域在吉维尼,1887年 (ZH) Campo de íris amarelas em Giverny, 1887 (PT)

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