Bedlam Furnace Near Irongate, Shropshire  by John Sell Cotman

Bedlam Furnace Near Irongate, Shropshire

(Bedlam-Ofen nahe Irongate, Shropshire)

John Sell Cotman

madeley dale · cottages · chimney · industry
Bedlam Furnace Near Irongate, Shropshire by John Sell Cotman
Undated   ·  watercolour on paper  ·  18.74 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 221172   ·  Private Collection /
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Bedlam-Ofen nahe Irongate, Shropshire (AT) Bedlam-Ofen nahe Irongate, Shropshire (DE) Bedlam-Ofen nahe Irongate, Shropshire (CH) Bedlam Furnace Near Irongate, Shropshire  (US)
Fornace di Bedlam vicino a Irongate, Shropshire (IT) Four Bedlam près d'Irongate, Shropshire (FR) Bedlam Furnace Near Irongate, Shropshire (NL) Horno de Bedlam cerca de Irongate, Shropshire (ES) Печь Bedlam Near Irongate, Шропшир (RU)
बेडलम फर्नेस नियर इरांगटे, श्रॉपशायर (HI) 位于Shropshire的Irongate附近的Bedlam Furnace (ZH) Forno de Bedlam perto de Irongate, Shropshire (PT)

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