(Rooster) by Ito Jakuchu



Ito Jakuchu

Asian art
(Rooster) by Ito Jakuchu
Undated   ·  colour woodblock print  ·  4.98 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 258475   ·  Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN, USA / bridgemanimages.com
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Thirteen roosters, from Doshoku Sai-e (Colorful Realm of Living Beings) Edo Period. c.1757-66 (colour on silk) Jakuch Gafu, Meiji Era, 1908 (woodblock print) (Rooster) Chrysanthemums, Edo Period (ink, colour and gold on paper) Roosters, Hen, and Chicks, right of a pair, 1795 Plum Blossoms from Seiranen Painting Album The Thirty-Six Immortal Poets (1 of a pair) Roosters, Hen, and Chicks, left of a pair, 1795 Crested Myna (ink on paper) One of a pair of folding screens Crane, Hanging Scroll, Edo Period (ink on paper) New Years Sun, 1800 Five hundred arhats One of a pair of folding screens (ink on paper) (pair to 3742188) Cockerel and Tengu-Mask, c.1775 (ink & light colour on paper)
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