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Fish  by G. Spratt



G. Spratt

Unclassified artists
fish · fishes · woman · women · female · figure · figures · full length · sitting · seated · animal · animals · marine life · surreal · surrealism · surrealist
Fish by G. Spratt
Undated   ·  colour lithograph  ·  14.23 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 291253   ·  Private Collection / bridgemanimages.com
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Fisch (AT) Fisch (DE) Fisch (CH) Fish  (US)
Pesce (IT) Poisson (FR) Vis (NL) Pescado (ES) Рыба (RU)
मछली (HI) Peixe (PT)

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Fisch (AT) Fisch (DE) Fisch (CH) Fish  (US) Pesce (IT) Poisson (FR) Vis (NL) Pescado (ES) Рыба (RU) मछली (HI) Peixe (PT)

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