Angels  by Evelyn De Morgan



Evelyn De Morgan

Pre Raphaelites
pre-raphaelite · heads · wings · flowers · rocks · river · wings · scroll · rays · sunshine · clouds · #181
Angels by Evelyn De Morgan
Undated   ·  Öl auf Holz  ·  35.53 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 305876   ·  Private Collection /
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Engel (AT) Engel (DE) Engel (CH) Angels  (US)
Angeli (IT) anges (FR) Angels (NL) Ángeles (ES) Ангелы (RU)
एन्जिल्स (HI) 天使 (ZH) Anjos (PT)

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Engel (AT) Engel (DE) Engel (CH) Angels  (US) Angeli (IT) anges (FR) Angels (NL) Ángeles (ES) Ангелы (RU) एन्जिल्स (HI) 天使 (ZH) Anjos (PT)

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