Il Duce by European School

Il Duce

(The Dux)

European School

italy · italian · history · historical · il duce · benito mussolini · fascist · fascism
Il Duce by European School
Undated   ·  colour lithograph  ·  3.66 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 79650   ·  Private Collection /
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der Duce (AT) der Duce (DE) der Duce (CH) The Dux (US)
Il Duce (IT) Le Duce (FR) Il Duce (NL) El Duce (ES) Иль дуче (RU)
इल ड्यूस (HI) Il Duce (ZH) Il Duce (PT) デューク (JP) الدوق (AE)

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der Duce (AT) der Duce (DE) der Duce (CH) The Dux (US) Il Duce (IT) Le Duce (FR) Il Duce (NL) El Duce (ES) Иль дуче (RU) इल ड्यूस (HI) Il Duce (ZH) Il Duce (PT) デューク (JP) الدوق (AE)

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