Arrival of Neapolitan exiles at Paddington  by English School

Arrival of Neapolitan exiles at Paddington

(Ankunft der neapolitanischen Exilanten in Paddington)

English School

arrival · neapolitan · exiles · paddington · illustrated london news · 2 april 1859 · crowd · horse · carriage · architecture
Arrival of Neapolitan exiles at Paddington by English School
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Ankunft der neapolitanischen Exilanten in Paddington (AT) Ankunft der neapolitanischen Exilanten in Paddington (DE) Ankunft der neapolitanischen Exilanten in Paddington (CH) Arrival of Neapolitan exiles at Paddington  (US) Arrivo degli esuli napoletani a Paddington (IT) Arrivée des exilés napolitains à Paddington (FR) Aankomst van Napolitaanse bannelingen op Paddington (NL) Llegada de exiliados napolitanos a Paddington (ES) Прибытие неаполитанских изгнанников в Паддингтон (RU) पैडिंगटन में नियति निर्वासन का आगमन (HI) 到达那不勒斯的流亡者在帕丁顿 (ZH) Chegada de exilados napolitanos em Paddington (PT)

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