Nude Boy among Birches, 1898 (wc on paper) by Carl Larsson

Nude Boy among Birches, 1898 (wc on paper)

(Nude Boy unter Birken, 1898 (WC auf Papier))

Carl Larsson

Art Nouveau  ·  Male nude
scandanavian · painting · swedish · sweden · scandanavia · plein-air · plein air · open air · open-air · male · child · naked · wood · wooded · clearing · birch tree · trees · playing · innocence · swimming · children
Nude Boy among Birches, 1898 (wc on paper) by Carl Larsson
1898   ·  watercolour on paper  ·  7.78 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 389548   ·  Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden /
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Nude Boy unter Birken, 1898 (WC auf Papier) (AT) Nude Boy unter Birken, 1898 (WC auf Papier) (DE) Nude Boy unter Birken, 1898 (WC auf Papier) (CH) Nude Boy among Birches, 1898 (wc on paper) (US) Nudo tra le betulle, 1898 (wc su carta) (IT) Nu garçon parmi les bouleaux, 1898 (wc sur papier) (FR) Nude Boy among Birches, 1898 (wc op papier) (NL) Muchacho desnudo entre abedules, 1898 (wc en el papel) (ES) Обнаженный мальчик среди берез, 1898 (туалет на бумаге) (RU) 1898 के बीच बिच में नग्न लड़का, (कागज पर wc) (HI) 桦树中的裸体男孩,1898年(纸上写着) (ZH) Nude Boy entre Birches, 1898 (wc no papel) (PT)

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