The Calling of St Matthew, c.1620  by Bernardo Strozzi

The Calling of St Matthew, c.1620

(Die Berufung des Matthäus, um 1620)

Bernardo Strozzi

jesus christ · saint · saints · tax collector · money · counting · collecting · apostles · apostle · calling · baroque · chiaroscuro
The Calling of St Matthew, c.1620 by Bernardo Strozzi
Undated   ·  oil on canvas  ·  21.12 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 584607   ·  Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts, USA /
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Die Berufung des Matthäus, um 1620 (AT) Die Berufung des Matthäus, um 1620 (DE) Die Berufung des Matthäus, um 1620 (CH) The Calling of St Matthew, c.1620  (US)
La chiamata di San Matteo, 1620 circa (IT) L'appel de saint Matthieu, vers 1620 (FR) De roeping van Mattheüs, ca.1620 (NL) El llamado de San Mateo, c.1620 (ES) Призыв святого Матфея, ок.1620 (RU)
द कॉलिंग ऑफ सेंट मैथ्यू, c.1620 (HI) 圣马太的召唤,1620年 (ZH) O chamado de São Mateus, c.1620 (PT)

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