An Old Salt  by American Photographer

An Old Salt

(Ein altes Salz)

American Photographer

Photography  ·  Old photography people
massachusetts fisherman · male · portrait · bearded · smoking · pipe · seated · reading paper · newspaper · leisure · sailor · elderly
An Old Salt by American Photographer
Undated   ·  black and white photograph  ·  19.19 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 102348   ·  Private Collection /
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Ein altes Salz (AT) Ein altes Salz (DE) Ein altes Salz (CH) An Old Salt  (US)
Un vecchio sale (IT) Un vieux sel (FR) Een oud zout (NL) Una sal vieja (ES) Старая соль (RU)
एक पुराना नमक (HI) 老盐 (ZH) Um velho sal (PT)

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Ein altes Salz (AT) Ein altes Salz (DE) Ein altes Salz (CH) An Old Salt  (US) Un vecchio sale (IT) Un vieux sel (FR) Een oud zout (NL) Una sal vieja (ES) Старая соль (RU) एक पुराना नमक (HI) 老盐 (ZH) Um velho sal (PT)

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