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The Glade by Alexander Cozens

The Glade

(Die Lichtung)

Alexander Cozens

Unclassified artists
rough · black · trees · leaves · mountain · clearing · building · vague · Glade
The Glade by Alexander Cozens
1750   ·  Tinte auf Papier  ·  18.54 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 467
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Die Lichtung (AT) Die Lichtung (DE) Die Lichtung (CH) The Glade (US)
The Glade (IT) La Glade (FR) De open plek (NL) El claro (ES) Поляна (RU)
ग्लेड (HI) A clareira (PT)

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Die Lichtung (AT) Die Lichtung (DE) Die Lichtung (CH) The Glade (US) The Glade (IT) La Glade (FR) De open plek (NL) El claro (ES) Поляна (RU) ग्लेड (HI) A clareira (PT)

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