Tavern Scene, c.1635 (oil on oak) by Adriaen Brouwer

Tavern Scene, c.1635 (oil on oak)

(Taverne Szene, c.1635 (Öl auf Eiche))

Adriaen Brouwer

Baroque  ·  Everyday scenes and work
public house · drinking · company · merry making · carousal · drink · party · pipe · peasant · genre · bawdy · low life · salacious · rustic · drunk · leery · lecherous · lovers · smoking · spiled ale · peasants carousing
Tavern Scene, c.1635 (oil on oak) by Adriaen Brouwer
Undated   ·  oil on oak panel  ·  21.79 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 171248   ·  National Gallery, London, UK / bridgemanimages.com
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Taverne Szene, c.1635 (Öl auf Eiche) (AT) Taverne Szene, c.1635 (Öl auf Eiche) (DE) Taverne Szene, c.1635 (Öl auf Eiche) (CH) Tavern Scene, c.1635 (oil on oak) (US)
Tavern Scene, c.1635 (olio su quercia) (IT) Taverne Scene, c.1635 (huile sur chêne) (FR) Tavern Scene, c.1635 (olie op eik) (NL) Escena de taberna, c.1635 (aceite en roble) (ES) Сцена в таверне, c.1635 (масло на дубе) (RU)
टैवर्न दृश्य, C.1635 (ओक पर तेल) (HI) 酒馆场景,c.1635(橡木油) (ZH) Cena da taberna, c.1635 (óleo em carvalho) (PT)

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