Watercolor Cardboard Fine

Museum Watercolor 310

The watercolor has a great fascination as a genus. The means of expression are many. The brilliant, permanent colors create images of atmospheric density and intense color. The watercolor art is uncomplicated and with relatively few utensils execute: drawing pad, watercolor box and brush allow mobility, everywhere can draw and fleeting in translucent color capture. The reduction of the drawing means (brush, paper, water and colors) to a few strokes on the one hand, layered overpainting and the transparency of the painting ground on the other hand allow spontaneous image finding, such as a scenic impression, an atmospheric mood or a veduta. Even a portrait or a design for a larger picture can be sketched out in watercolor within seconds.
In addition, the magic of the watercolor owes to the paper. Since watercolor is an aqueous application consisting of finely ground pigments, the requirements are high. The watercolor board must be absorbent and must not change in terms of surface texture and paper strength. MediaJet Museum Watercolor is a characteristic natural white watercolor 100% cotton box. It has the typical fine watercolor structure and achieves a harmonious effect with the various printing systems. MediaJet Museum Watercolor is also suitable as a printing paper for drawings (charcoal, red chalk, ink, graphite, pencil) as well as for long-lasting fine art reproductions.

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Waterlilies, 1916-19  (see also detail 382331) Girl with a Pearl Earring Stilleben tea and smelting rolls Still Life of Pink and Red Roses, 19th century Still Life with Chinese Sugar Jar, Glass Goblet and Fruit Water Lilies, 1916 Bauerngarten Still Life, 1872 Road at La Cavée, Pourville Still Life with Oysters, a Rummer, a Lemon and a Silver Bowl The Magpie Still Life with Coffee A Pathway in Monets Garden, Giverny, 1902 Still Life with a Pitcher, c.1901-03 Fruit Tarts, 1882 Still life with Beer Glass Still Life: Vase with Cornflowers and Poppies, 1887 Illustration from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne (1828-1905) engraved by Henri Theophile Hildibrand (1824-97) c.1869-70 View of Dresden by Moonlight Angel Holding an Olive Branch Nuda Veritas Philosophy Christ of Burgos, in the Chapel of the Most Holy Christ The Carpet Merchant The Origin of the World

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