The Shepherd  by William Shackleton

The Shepherd

(Der Hirte)

William Shackleton

Unclassified artists  ·  livestock
shepherd · male · sheep · flock · painting · coast · coastal · landscape · elderly
The Shepherd by William Shackleton
Undated   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  Picture ID: 263741   ·  Bradford Art Galleries and Museums, West Yorkshire, UK /
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Der Hirte (AT) Der Hirte (DE) Der Hirte (CH) The Shepherd  (US)
Il pastore (IT) Le berger (FR) De herder (NL) El pastor (ES) Пастух (RU)
गडरिया (HI) 牧羊人 (ZH) O pastor (PT) 羊飼い (JP) الراعي (AE)

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Der Hirte (AT) Der Hirte (DE) Der Hirte (CH) The Shepherd  (US) Il pastore (IT) Le berger (FR) De herder (NL) El pastor (ES) Пастух (RU) गडरिया (HI) 牧羊人 (ZH) O pastor (PT) 羊飼い (JP) الراعي (AE)

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