Mori (Forest) by Katayama Bokuyo

Mori (Forest)

(Mori (Wald))

Katayama Bokuyo

Unclassified artists
nature · grey · flowers · trees · green · brown · white · night · animal · trunk · mori · forest
Mori (Forest) by Katayama Bokuyo
1928   ·  Tinte auf Seide  ·  Picture ID: 15983
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Mori (Forest)
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Mori (Wald) (AT) Mori (Wald) (DE) Mori (Wald) (CH) Mori (Forest) (US)
Mori (foresta) (IT) Mori (Forêt) (FR) Mori (bos) (NL) Mori (bosque) (ES) Мори (Лес) (RU)
मोरी (वन) (HI) 森(森林) (ZH) Mori (floresta) (PT) 森(森) (JP) موري (الغابة) (AE)

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Mori (Wald) (AT) Mori (Wald) (DE) Mori (Wald) (CH) Mori (Forest) (US) Mori (foresta) (IT) Mori (Forêt) (FR) Mori (bos) (NL) Mori (bosque) (ES) Мори (Лес) (RU) मोरी (वन) (HI) 森(森林) (ZH) Mori (floresta) (PT) 森(森) (JP) موري (الغابة) (AE)

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