Scenes in Natal  by English Photographer

Scenes in Natal

(Szenen in Natal)

English Photographer

Photography  ·  Newspapers and illustrations
scenes · natal · mont aux sources · border · orange free state · basutoland · scene · boer attack · carbineers · acton homes · interior · legislative assembly chamber · pietermaritzburg · volunteer hospital · field hospital · fort napier · signal hill · military · south africa · second boer war
Scenes in Natal by English Photographer
19th century   ·  black and white photograph  ·  52.71 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 494429   ·  Private Collection /
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Szenen in Natal (AT) Szenen in Natal (DE) Szenen in Natal (CH) Scenes in Natal  (US) Scene in Natal (IT) Scènes à Natal (FR) Scènes in Natal (NL) Escenas en Natal (ES) Сцены в Натале (RU) नेटाल में दृश्य (HI) Cenas em Natal (PT)

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